Wooden, Stylish Kitset Garages - Without The High Price!

Kitset Garages by Ahead KitsetsAre you thinking about getting a kitset garage but are looking for something with a bit more style and character – but without the high price tag?

If you are then Ahead Kitsets would like the chance to show you how our kitset garages might be just what you need.

We can either supply you with a kitset garage ready to build or we can take care of the building and all the other considerations for you.  Wherever you live in NZ, you have complete flexibility.

When we talk about kitset garages, we are proud of producing cost-effective, wooden garages that look ‘organic’ and natural.  And we can do it quickly – with a focus on real service.

Some of our clients who want kitset garages also want customised elements included oin their design.  These can include loft areas, areas for livestock and animals (stables) and even a granny flat attached to a kitset garage.

We have kitset plans that are designed to work…or we can customise a plan to suit your requirements.

Are you looking for an older look kitset garage to compliment your turn-of-the-century villa? Perhaps you have been searching for a garage to combine with a sleep-out or work studio?

The Kitset Garage Process

At Ahead Kitsets in Auckland, we have been constucting good quality, affordable kitset buildings (and garages) to people just like you all over NZ for more than 20 years.  We’ve made everything from stables to aircraft hangars!

Take the first step by contacting us for a free and friendly chat to discuss your ideas.  Once we have an idea of your situation and problem, we can give you a range of options that are designed to please the eye and you bank account!

We’ll give you an honest quote.  it will be a quote that fits exactly what you need, and based on your budget.  Next, once you agree and we finish the paperwork, we get started on the necessary documentation needed for the consent application.

We can deal with local authorities because this in iteslf can be tricky for someone with no experience.  We have the relationships with these authorities and the knowledge needed to make kitset garage applications easy to get.  We’ll make it as stress-free as we can.

Total Care Kitset Garages & Buildings

We would love the chance to take total care and project manage your kitset garage project on your behalf.  For you, thios means you will save money, reduce mistakes and do it all in less time by not having to worry about these matters:

  • Locating the best draughtsman
  • Manging the process of building consent
  • Finding the right builder for the best price
  • Arranging materials and dealing with suppliers

Plus more…

If you would like to know how we can help you with your kitset garage project, please telepohne us today, New Zealand wide on (09) 570 9362 or contact us now for a free quote .


Thank you for reading this.

Kitset Garages by Ahead Kitsets